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Im here to serve you:  
Home Loans don't have to be complicated.  Lets make this easy for you.

Im here to serve you:  
"Home Loans do not have to be complicated"

Purchase a Brand New Home in Deer Creek Manor
Purchase a Brand New Home in Deer Creek Manor
Mark Gunlogson Jr is the builder of this amazing subdivision.  We are the preferred lender.  Check out these amazing mortgage discounts on this beautiful subdivision.
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Still Looking For Your Donations
We are still looking for donations.  If you have not yet donated, I would love your support.  Thank You to all my sponsors below who made the #betsonmetz #ball a success.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors:
Local Appraiser Interview
2019 Home Values Outlook for Shasta County and Redding Ca Area.  Find out what our local appraiser is saying about our local real estate market.+
  •  Are we in a real estate bubble?
  •  How is the #carr fire affecting our values
  •  Maximize the value of your home BEFORE selling your home
Find a Zero Down Loan
There are hundreds.  This website will show which ones you qualify for and where to apply for them
"...we saved $14,664 in interest & closings costs"
My wife and I have done a few loans with Pete Metz. We have saved so much money by using the NO closing cost refinance

Because of his assistance, we have been able to save $14,664 on our mortgage both in interest and in closing costs in the last 2 years.
Tyler & Joelle - Redding, Ca
"...we would not have saved $7,898 in closing costs"
We just closed our 1st loan with Pete Metz. We were working with a previous lender prior to getting referred over to Pete.  If it was not for Pete giving us guidance we would not have saved $7,989 in closings costs fees.  He recommended us to use the No Cost Purchase Loan.  We are so thankful for his help.
Terry - Redding, Ca
"...he is saving us $8,245 in lender fees..."
This will be our 4th loan with Pete Metz. The current loan we are doing with Pete, he is saving us $8,245 in lender fees, title fees, and recurring closing fees. 

We are so thankful for his advice and recommend all our clients to talk with him before picking their lender. 
Dan & Megan - Redding, Ca
Mortgage Calculators 
Not all mortgage calculators are created equal.  We have FHA Calculators, USDA Calculators, VA Calculators, and many more.  Each calculator will calculate the payment with Taxes, Insurance, & Mortgage Insurance.
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